Thursday, November 25, 2010

CAD/GIS Integration and Autodesk LandXplorer at AU2010

Are you struggling with CAD/GIS data integration? Well, if enrollments for my two AU2010 workshops (see blog) on this topic are any indication, it seems that you’re not alone. Data integration is a hot topic!

In fact, when you throw
BIM and large-scale city and infrastructure models into the mix, the data integration issues can become overwhelming – especially if you don’t have the right plan or the right tools.

  • How do you get the big picture when you need to aggregate CAD and GIS data, wireframes and building models, surfaces and aerial photos?
  • How do you analyze and visualize this data in 3D quickly and efficiently?
If these questions resonate with you then check out
Autodesk LandXplorer. I’ve blogged about Autodesk LandXplorer previously. But why not register for an Autodesk LandXplorer class while at Autodesk University?

For example, Dan Campbell of the City of Vancouver is delivering a session (
CV220-3P) entitled “Claiming New Territory with Autodesk LandXplorer”. I’ve seen Dan Campbell present numerous times. His sessions are always informative, entertaining and filled with lots of eye-candy.

You also don’t want to miss the hands-on lab (
CV234-27) being led by Lynda Sharkey of Autodesk. Her lab is an introduction to Autodesk LandXplorer. Oh and be sure to check out the hilarious promo video for her class.

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