Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is BIM?

With over 150 sessions either highlighting or referencing BIM at Autodesk University (AU2010), BIM was certainly a popular topic. And now, you probably know that BIM is about using model based designs for better planning, faster visualization and stronger management. But if you’re looking for a brief explanation of what BIM is so that you can share what you’ve learned with your colleagues in a way that doesn’t cause their eyes to glaze over, check out the these two short videos.

This first video explores an entire project lifecycle and shows how BIM solutions can help make our cities more sustainable.

This second video emphasizes the role of information modeling in planning, designing, visualizing and managing municipal and utility infrastructure.


agiptek said...

This is a great solutions, thank's for this posting

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, 3D is not BIM, its is a side effect. Revit is BIM, as you model with items specialized enough to be real world things. Civil 3D is not BIM. Its a much higher mountain to climb to make Civil BIM objects, and no one is there yet. On top of that, civil stuff is always based on an alignment and independent profile, not the hub and spoke thing the pipe network and feature line objects use. hope that changes as it will be a crack in the foundation until it does.